Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homework 8

Story: A lazy scientist doesn't want to do his laundry so he creates a device that gives inanimate objects sentience. He uses this device to bring his washing machine, Washy, to life in order for it to do the laundry for him. Someone then steals the device, and uses it to bring terror to the city. It's up to Washy to save the day.

Mechanics: The player plays in a third person view. The player can move about the map, and attack enemies. We were going to have turn based combat, but we have decided to get rid of that idea since it's too time consuming. Now, we will have a game like Super Mario 64, where the player fights the enemies in a large stage. The player has a double jump feature and a sud blast feature that "shotguns" enemies in front of thee player.

Tech: It's on PC, using the mouse and keyboard.

Art: Blender and Photoshop will be used to make the models and textures that will be used in our game. The enemies will be clothing.

The player is vulnerable to the enemies and hazards on the stage. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. There will be a number of enemies, each different than the last.

Interest Curve
Keep the player engaged throughout the game by increasing difficulty level by level. We will introduce new enemies to keep things fresh.

Emergent Properties
By ensuring that the mechanics are solid enough, we want the player to be able to try and beat the levels as fast as possible. Dealing with different enemies will also have to be a dynamic thing.

By incorporating fast paced game play and fun stages, we want the player engaged in our game.

Team Contributions:
This week I worked on some bubble blast sounds and more music. This upcoming week I hope to get finished with the music and getting the bubble blast to work.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Homework 7

Link to game repo:

Team work:
This week I plan on working on some rudementary HUD elements to the game. I got some music created this week that might be useable in our prototype game.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Homework 6

Game One - This War of Mine

This War of Mine - an indie adventure PC title

// The Tetrad

This War of Mine is an Indie game developed for the PC. It is a adventure survival game that takes place in a war torn city (said to be based off the Bosnian War) in  and you are controlling survivors who are left behind to fend for themselves. It requires the player to make decisions that will lead to either their survival or ultimate demise. The player during the day builds up their shelter with necessities the at night they scavenge the city for supplies. It is a game that challenges the player psychologically rather than putting any demand on "skills".

The technology is very modern, with modern weapons and equipment. Most of this stuff you would expect if you were in a survival situation such as the one this is based in.

The art of this game is one of my favorite aspects about it. It has a very "indie" style that isn't very demanding on the player's computer, however while that may sound like a turnoff for some I feel that a "AAA" style of graphics wouldn't suit a game such as this one. The color palette is very dark which plays on it's very dark and distressing theme. It has an almost comic book feel to it as there are a lot of scratchy borders around the edges of most objects.

The game is played in environment that can only be traversed two dimensionally. The player controls the survivors by clicking on a specific action they want them to take such as walking, gathering, or even killing.

During the day the player takes control of the multiple survivors in the shelter to build everyday necessities like making food, clean water, ammunition, medicine, and other random supplies that they may need. It is a somewhat unique gameplay design that is much like a simulator.

During the night is when the player controls one of the survivors to go out and scavenge for supplies. During this time the combat system is opened up and it is performed the same way all other actions are performed, by clicking on the specific action.

In-game screenshot during the day period.

// Balance

One downfall of this game is the design of gameplay. While I feel mechanics of the game are great and make for a fun experience, however I think some of the RNG factors that you rely on to make the game difficult are not random enough, making it easy to predict and avoid difficulties while playing. This creates a low playability for a game who's inherit design is to let you replay it many times. While this game is very fun to to replay it is nothing like the first few playthroughs which makes for a disappointing lifespan of the game.

// Emergent Properties

This game was intended to be played how the player saw fit so one great thing is that you can do whatever you want during your playthrough. On my first play through I thought I should be cutthroat to survive, so I would steal and kill people for supplies because this tends to give you higher supply yields than just scavenging honestly and trading items. However this causes your characters to have emotional distress and all my characters ended up dying from depression (committing suicide or just leaving). Then I played a more docile playstyle the second way and it worked well, though boring at times. 

// Interest Curves

Great thing about this game is that the Interest Curve will vary on each play through. The game will sometimes take some time for winter or the crime spree to start, both "hard" sections of the game", which create very tense situations that will never have valley's to allow the players to rest. The game can have a very large snowball effect if you can't control it early. However if played right the game can have many valley's and can actually get too flat at times, but there are ways to keep this from happening such as player challenges (challenges the player creates to make the game challenging).

// Game Design Issues

The main issue with this game is that it is basically a "solved" game. There are ways that the player can manipulate the game to work well in their favor without too much issue, basically mechanics are easily exploitable. On my first few play throughs I just played I believe the way the game was intended, and it was great. I felt the emotions the developers wanted to convey through their use of the Tetrad, and it was a great experience. However now, while I still find enjoyment in the game(for albeit different reasons) it is nothing like when I first played it because now I just play in a similar fashion to eventually beat it. It is still nonetheless a great experience for every gamer to try out and it has to be one of the most emotionally turbulent games I have played in some time.

Game Two - Bloodborne

// The Tetrad

Bloodborne is an action RPG that takes place in a Gothic city in which you play as a hunter that awakes only to find out he is afflicted with a blood-borne disease during the night of "the hunt" in this city. The hunter then goes out and seeks out what can cure his ailment during this hunt and must fight many beasts throughout.

The game takes place in a Gothic era town so there are old style weapons such as scythes, axes, swords, and blunderbusses. The armor is also what you would expect in a Gothic theme.

The art style is very similar to its predecessor Dark Souls. It has a very dark palette focusing on many red colors, since the game has a lot of blood in various forms. The overall style is very appealing and has always been a plus for this game series.

Again the game is very similar to its predecessor in that it is an action game with mainly melee sword play and some gun play though less focused on that. It is however different from others in this genre because it is much slower and methodical, this however make the game much more difficult than others of the same genre. It also is an RPG in which the player levels their hunter by collecting blood from beasts he has slain.

A screenshot from Bloodborne

// Balance

The game's balance is very good. The series is known for being notoriously difficult where even at a high level if you make a mistake fighting even peons located near the beginning of the game, they can still kill you. It makes players step back and thing of the actions they are about to take rather than blindly running in and swinging their sword. It is very unforgiving if you're a player who doesn't learn from their previous mistakes. Although I do feel this iteration of the series is not as difficult as the previous which is my biggest issue with the game.

// Emergent Properties

The game is very open ended for the most part, not providing any direct objectives that the player must accomplish but instead lets the player find out what needs to be done. This allows the player to take whatever route they desire and play the game how they deem efficient to a certain degree. Inherent in most RPGs is the ability to build your avatar as you wish so there is a wide playstyle variation present, however not as much as previous titles in the series which is somewhat surprising.

// Interest Curves

I think the interest curve is very well done in this game since at the beginning it's really good at leaving the player asking for more answers to the many ambiguous questions given at the beginning, like "what is this hunt?" "why all this talk about blood and beasts?" and many others. Then the player immediately gets thrown into difficult fights (which I admit I died at the first monster you fight) but there are good periods of valleys since you have to go and level your character or maybe talk to some NPCs.

// Game Design Issues

While I really enjoyed this game I felt the difficulty which is an important aspect to this game just wasn't on par with the previous titles and that was one of the major flaws for me. I played the previous titles numerous times through however I don't feel that I will with this title because it won't be as challenging. Overall however I think this title was very well designed.

Team work:
This week I plan on creating some music that might possibly be used in the game. I also would like to get the sudblast attack working or even just an animation for it.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Homework 5

Most platforming games have some sort of sprinting ability so I created that as well as a stamina system that depletes with sprinting. To sprint all that is required of the player is to press the left shift and the player will move at 2x the normal max walk speed. Shown below is a short gif of this in action. I also will note there is string being printed out in the top left showing how much stamina is available, this will of course be later changed to represent a stamina bar in future versions.

The first blueprint I made was a simple sprint mechanic. Whenever the action to sprint is detected the Boolean IsSprinting will be set to true (otherwise will be false) and the max walk speed is set to the variable sprint speed (2x the walk speed) this is then returned to the character movement. When the sprint button is released the IsSprinting Boolean is set to false and normal walk speed is set.


Next is the blueprint dealing with stamina. It starts every event tick and determines whether or not the character is currently sprinting, if sprinting is detected then stamina decay sets in, decreasing the amount of the variable Stamina. If no sprinting is detected then stamina recovery kicks in increasing the amount of the Stamina variable. After Stamina is set a branch checks to see if Stamina is equal to 0 and if not then the player can keep sprinting. If Stamina is equal to 0 then the player can no longer sprint and the max walk speed is set back to the value of the variable walk speed. The print string function at the bottom is how Stamina's value is printed out on screen. As stated earlier this will be replaced by a stamina bar.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Team Homework 1

This is the video for Team Homework 1, it's just a video showcasing what we have so far in our group game. I worked on audio implementation and plan on creating original audio to use in our final product. Jorge and Alex did most of the programming which included things like the AI and double jump mechaninc. Josh worked on the modeling for assets seen in the video. In the next week we will be focusing on making the platforming more stable and fluid as well as implementing the battle system.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Second Post!

My personal Favicon.ico
This image is a favicon that I created for my personal webpage. I didn't like any of the default icons found on the web so I just made my own. It is a pixel version of my face, or so I like to think. It was created with mspaint.
Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is traditionally known as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) or as Blizzard likes to refer to as a Hero Brawler. I never actually liked any MOBA games such as DotA or LoL prior to HotS. I thoroughly enjoy all of Blizzards games and at one point played all of them pretty regularly. So it was natural that I gave HotS a shot even though the genre didn't really suit me. However after playing in the closed beta since early this summer, I have found that this game is now my go to whenever I want to play something quick and fun.

I really enjoy this game for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost it is a competitive game, I am a competitive person in nature and these types of games that require you to have a skill ceiling to be good always attract me. I also like this in a game because they tend to become popular Esports and I regularly watch Esporting events. Second, unlike most MOBAs, HotS has a good learning curve, I feel that games should be easy to play, but difficult to master. Most MOBAs are really daunting to learn for first comers and can be very overwhelming to just jump into, I didn't feel that with HotS however. Lastly, while I could sit here and type out pages of why I enjoy this game, the best part is that it is not time consuming. Most popular MOBAs that I listed earlier are rather lengthy in match times (40min+), while HotS average match times are around 20 minutes, nearly half the time. This makes for both quick action packed games that I can watch and play when I am short on time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game that is strictly online only. The original Counter-Strike was originally created as a mod for the FPS game Half-Life and since then has seen multiple versions and is now it's own stand alone title. CSGO has become one of the most successful games in it's genre.

I have played Counter-Strike since I was very young in it's early stages (versions 1.4) and was hooked since the first time I tried it. CSGO while maybe in some aspects not as good as it's predecessor, is still a great game. I enjoy this game for many of the same reasons I enjoy the first game in this post, HotS. It is a very VERY competitive game, it's one of the forefathers of Esports and today is one of the highest grossing Esports overall. I don't actually play CSGO as much as I'd like because unlike HotS the game matches can be somewhat lengthy. However CSGO is a great spectator game and I still follow it regularly. Another thing I like about CSGO it is has one of the highest skill ceilings for a video game currently and is known for being difficult to master. Overall this game is very rewarding to play and entertaining to watch.

First post!

Here's a recorded video of my desktop with voice over for assignment 1. Sorry for the low volume on my voice, the local file's sound is fine but when it gets uploaded to youtube it gets quiter.